Elon Musk reported earning $300,000 with hat sales for his The Boring Company.

Let’s take a look into Elon Musk print on demand company called The Boring Company. it has been roughly a month after his launch of his The Boring Company, he reported that he has been selling well over $300,000 USD in hat sales.

The Boring Company hat is selling for $20. If we were to take a close observation into his sales number, that’s well over 15,000 units. The one size fits all baseball cap, velcro strap, is nothing fancy compared to any other products on the market.

It was also reported that with Elon Musk first tweet about the product, he was able to produce well over $80,000 in sales within the first 24 hours, and the momentum seems to have continued.

To understand his business model for “The Boring Company”, we need to look into Print on Demand. There are great ecommerce sites such as Shopify, in which you can connect it to a print on demand platform. What is print on demand you may ask? Print on demand is whenever a customer purchases a product from your website, that money will be sent to a manufacturer in which they will make your product once you make the sale.

Benefits of print on demand platform? You hold no inventory! Very low upfront cost on operating your business, and can focus on marketing. How great of a business model is that!

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