Create multiple source of income. NEVER depend on single income!

This is one of the quotes Warren Buffet has mentioned in the past and we couldn’t agree more. Seriously, think about it…. you’ll stay up at night worrying about if you’re going to get fired from your job, and how you’re still stuck on a single source of income. It doesn’t give you that security you want in life, and you’re going to constantly be worrying about it.

The average Netflix subscriber watches 1.8 hours of content a day and that number is much higher if you have cable. That’s at least 54 hours a month! That’s just too many hours being wasted!!! Now, let’s put this into perspective… imagine if you took only 1/3 of that time and spent it on building your passion. Whether that’ll be blogging, writing a book, making music, or creating an e-commerce website. In a few years you could have a passive income stream that can rival your full-time job!

Put in the time and effort now to grow your business. The competition will only get much harder later down the road… so start today!

Maybe you don’t want to create your own business, and that is completely fine. Perhaps you like to sell things. You can find bargain deals at thrift stores and resell them on eBay or Amazon. Earning on the side is fun and it will increase your level of income, security, and confidence.

As you can see, this seller probably probably went to their local thrift store, bought few messenger bag on sale and is reselling them on eBay for a profit. The key point is looking out for stuff that are a bargain and people are willing to purchase for a higher price online.

On Amazon, this seller is selling a handbag that they probably found at the thrift store for a fraction of the cost. With over 372 customer reviews, it’s safe to say that this Amazon seller has sold plenty of this handbag and made good profits on this product. The key to become a profitable seller is finding niche products that buyers want.


There are many other products you can sell, and you can use these marketplace platform to sell your products is a great way to start.