Amazon Hitting $1 Trillion Market Cap is just the Beginning

Amazon has just hit market cap of $1 Trillion on September 4th on a Tuesday, making it the second publicly traded U.S. company to hit the milestone, reaching record valuation for the company history just a month after Apple.

This is the latest achievement for Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon has emerged as one of the most dominant companies in the world, driven by their leading ecommerce retail space and cloud computing services.

Earlier in the year, Jeff Bezos became one of the richest person alive. His net worth at the time of writing totals $166.8 Billion, according to Forbes’ billionaires list. Jeff has gone on to be worth more than tech leader Bill Gates and one of the most successful stock investor Warren Buffett.

Note that this is just a start for Amazon.

Amazon’s customer base remains one of the most loyal through their latest Amazon Prime which includes lost of services and perks, also enjoying the 1 day delivery.

The willingness from Amazon to tap into different markets such as online drugstore, or perhaps Amazon Key in which this will be a new service that lets carriers to enter your front door with your permission with a smart lock is ways Amazon is separating themselves from their competitor. This will prove a thriving business for Amazon as they are expanding and trying to find ways to diversify their revenue portfolio.

In one Jeff Bezos letter to shareholders this year, he noted “We continue to aspire to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, and we recognize this to be no small or easy challenge. We know there is much we can do better, and we find tremendous energy in the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”